At the top of our accessories section, we emphasize that our commitment extends beyond our primary products to also include the accessories that will inevitably enhance your experience. We place great importance on these complementary items, ensuring they are not overlooked. To guarantee this aspect of quality and uniqueness, we have exclusively designed and produced all accessories specifically for our customers. Please note that we only process accessory orders in conjunction with a boat purchase. Any subsequent orders or wholesale inquiries can be discussed further.



Price: 700 €

Introducing DIVEX, our innovative diving kit designed to enhance your underwater exploration. It allows you to experience the beauty beneath the waves with greater freedom and duration. Equipped with a specialized tank, our system provides up to 10 minutes of air supply, extending your dive time beyond the ordinary.

Additionally, the kit includes a convenient hand pump that allows you to refill the air tank on-site, ensuring that you can continue your adventures without the need for heavy equipment or returning to the surface frequently. With DIVEX, immerse yourself in the aquatic environment and discover the underwater world with ease and efficiency.

The kit includes: Mask, Oxygen cylinder, Mouthpiece for use without a mask, Additional snorkel for use with the mask without the cylinder, Hand pump, Set of seals


Price: 600 €

DOX is an exceptional feature that ensures even our furry friends can enjoy the water independently. Each of our boats comes equipped with additional moorings specifically designed to securely attach this platform.

Crafted from exceptionally thick material for durability, the DOX is conveniently compact when folded, saving valuable space. It's the perfect addition for pet lovers who want to bring their companions on every aquatic adventure! 

The set includes a pump and a carrying bag, making it easy to transport and set up, ensuring your pets can safely enter and exit the water without any assistance.


Price: 200 €

Introducing FLIPPEX diving fins, the ultimate choice for spearfishing and long free diving enthusiasts. These full-pocket fins are engineered with a TPR PP blade to enhance your underwater performance. Available in foot pocket sizes from white 38-42 to black 43-36, FLIPPEX fins cater to a wide range of divers.

The fins feature long blade that efficiently pushes water, maximizing your propulsion with every kick. The design includes tapering stiffeners on both sides, allowing you to adjust the blade's hardness and elasticity for an optimized diving experience. The PP blade measures 775x220 mm, weighs 366g per piece, and has a thickness of 3mm, making it both lightweight and durable.

Soft and comfortable, these fins are also skin-friendly, ensuring that you can focus on your dive without any discomfort. Dive deeper and swim faster with FLIPPEX diving fins—your perfect partner for exploring the underwater world. Additionally, each set includes a convenient transport bag


Price: 90 € - 150 €

LIFEJAX is a high-quality life jacket that is truly a must-have for any water enthusiast. More than just a life-saving device, it offers an excellent fit tailored to your body, and its stylish design means you'll actually enjoy wearing it. We've thoughtfully included a range of sizes, from KIDS to 2XL, ensuring there's a LIFEJAX for everyone.

Crafted from neoprene, this jacket not only shields you from the sun but also provides warmth in colder waters. Featuring a single zipper and an additional safety button to prevent accidental openings, LIFEJAX is designed for easy use. You can quickly slip it on or off, making it perfect for spontaneous or planned aquatic adventures. Dive into safety with style with LIFEJAX, where comfort meets critical functionality.

Available in sizes KIDS, XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL.


Price: 500 €

SUPX isn't just a trend—it's an essential part of any successful outdoor adventure! Featuring an extrem strength extra carbon skin and a bungee strip perfect for securing your drybag, this board supports up to 170kg and includes a holder for an action camera, a removable central fin, and an EVA anti-slip deck pad. Measuring 11’ x 32” x 6”, it's designed for stability and performance.

SUPX is your ultimate companion for creating unforgettable moments on the water. Grab your SUPX and make every water escapade extraordinarily fun and memorable!

Included in the package are all the accessories you need to get started: a pump, a carry bag, a paddle, a tether with a leash, and a repair kit.


Price: 400 €

TUBEX is the ultimate two-person water toy that promises endless fun on the waves. With its striking design and high-quality materials, boredom is simply not an option, whether you're being towed by a skipper or watching the delighted faces of riders behind the boat.

TUBEX ensures limitless grip for its passengers, providing both thrill and safety as you glide across the water. Dive into the excitement and let TUBEX turn every boating adventure into an unforgettable ride.

Equipped with multiple handles.


Price: 400 €

WAVEX is a thrilling gateway for those who've never experienced the exhilaration of water skiing or wakeboarding but are eager to taste the thrill. Yet, as we know from experience, even seasoned veterans find joy and excitement trailing behind a boat on the WAVEX, effortlessly performing a variety of stunts.

With its design enabling anyone to quickly master a 360-degree spin, WAVEX promises not just fun but bragging rights too! Dive into the adventure and prepare to dazzle both yourself and onlookers with the fantastic feats you’ll achieve with WAVEX.

It's more than just a ride—it's a performance!


Price: 30 €

Introducing WATEX, the ultimate foldable outdoor portable stainless steel dog feeding water bottle, designed specifically for our furry friends on the go. Durable and thoughtfully engineered, WATEX makes hydration easy and stylish.

When folded, it features a handy handle at the top for effortless carrying. To prevent any leaks and ensure easy access to water, we've integrated a push-button that controls the flow, opening and closing effortlessly when the bottle is unfolded. The unfolded bottle cleverly transforms into a drinking bowl, providing a refreshing drink for your pet anywhere, anytime.

Whether you're hiking, traveling, or just out and about, WATEX is the perfect companion for your adventurous pet.

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