CX cruiser

7.62m /  25.0 ft

200 - 300 HP

89.000 €* ready to sail /  56.000 €* basic boat

The CX Cruiser is a meticulously crafted jewel, blending style and functionality to offer exceptional uniqueness on the open sea. Accommodating up to 10 passengers, this luxurious vessel features air conditioning and is perfect for sharing unforgettable moments on day trips or extended voyages. *Add an engine according to your needs, with throttle control and installation included at no charge.

The CX Cruiser stands as a meticulously crafted jewel, from its deck layout to the choice of materials.

CX cruiser

This vessel seamlessly blends style and functionality, ensuring it always stands out with exceptional uniqueness on the open sea. Designed to offer maximum comfort, luxury, and performance, it caters to those seeking extraordinary experiences at sea.

Accommodating up to 10 passengers

It is perfect for sharing unforgettable moments with family and friends, whether on day trips or extended voyages. Setting a new standard, it includes air conditioning as a standard feature, a rarity in vessels of this size, ensuring unparalleled comfort in all conditions.


We use the colors listed below. Custom color schemes are available upon request, aligning with our philosophy. We welcome new ideas and look forward to creating something unique together.

Bimini & Cover SunGuard: 

Upholstery Luxe Base: **

Upholstery Luxe Leather /  quilting included:

Upholstery Luxe Craft / quilting included:

Teak foam color:

Boat color:

basic boat:

Ready to Sail:

  • 1 mooring line

  • Complete railing set

  • 6 pop up cleats

  • Anchor roller

  • Windshield with aluminum profile

  • Stainless steel rubbing strake

  • Hydraulic steering system

  • Illuminated panoramic side windows

  • Opening roof hatch

  • 8 storage compartments (5 outside, 3 in cabin)

  • Upholstered walls and ceiling

  • Foam flooring in cabin

  • Cabin lamp

  • Laminate sink

  • Plexiglass sliding cabin door

  • Electrical installation

  • Custom LED control panel with buttons

  • Navigation lights

  • Adjustable rear backrest

  • Two bathing platforms

  • Bathing ladder

  • Cockpit drainage system

  • 70L water tank

  • Automatic bilge pump

  • Water inlet

  • Fuel inlet

  • 150L fuel tank

  • Fuel gauge

  • Stove

  • Deck shower

  • Deck table with sundeck option

  • Basic external mattresses

  • Basic helmsman seat

  • Basic cabin mattresses

  • included 21% VAT

  • FOB Mallorca / EU free shipping

  • worldwide shipping possible

  • Electric anchor 1200W

  • Stainless steel anchor 10kg

  • Stainless steel chain 20m

  • Air conditioning

  • Jet thruster

  • Wake/skier towing mast in black gloss

  • Main Bimini top

  • Bow Bimini top

  • Boat cover

  • Stationary WC with macerator

  • Dedicated restroom area

  • Toilet door

  • Waste pump-out inlet

  • Waste tank with dual emptying system

  • 28 L top-opening refrigerator replacing the stove

  • Portable induction stove

  • Cooling cup for the helmsman

  • 6 stable, angular boat fenders designed to stay in place while underway

  • Mooring cleats for dog entry

  • 12 LED deck lights

  • 9 underwater LED lights: 3 on each side under the deck and 3 at the stern

  • Armrest with cup holder

  • Large illuminated LED cockpit buttons

  • 12V socket with USB on the control panel

  • 12V socket with USB in the cabin

  • 12V socket (for charging devices like SUP pumps)

  • Wireless charging station in the cockpit

  • 230V shore power system

  • Battery charging system

  • 2 x 140Ah 12V marine gel battery

  • Connection to hose

  • Anti-fouling paint

  • High-performance audio: 24 speakers including subwoofer, soundbar, additional remote, LED lighting

  • Navigation, Radio, Internet, Netflix, YouTube, Phone, AppStore, 13" display

  • Echo sounder

  • Personalized exterior boat color

  • Personalized interior boat color

  • Personalized cabin color of the boat

  • Personalized wooden finishes (tables, furniture, covers)

  • Personalized steering wheel in upholstery color

  • Personalized deck foam

  • Personalized sundeck foam

  • Personalized platforms foam

  • Personalized helm and cockpit deck foam

  • Deck foam in the cabin instead of carpet

  • Deck table with sundeck option with deck foam

  • Quilted Premium external mattresses

  • Bow headrests with logo mounted on railings

  • Aft headrests

  • Cushion for sundeck with 3 headrests

  • Quilted Premium helmsman seat

  • Quilted Premium cabin mattresses

  • Quilted Premium cabin walls

  • Quilted seat, BRABUS

Technical Specifications:

  • Overall Length: 7.62m / 25.0ft

  • Width: 2.48m / 8.14ft

  • Height: 2.14m / 7.02ft

  • Draught: 0.45m / 1.48ft


  • Weight (without engine): 1400kg / 3087lbs


  • Engine: 200hp - 300hp


  • Max. 10 passengers
  • 3-4 beds (2 adults + 2 kids)


  • Category C


The delivery time from order and payment is a minimum of 4 months, depending on the season.


FAQ - Ordering a boat



  • Suzuki DF 200 HP + 17.700 €
  • Suzuki DF 250 HP + 21.700 €
  • Suzuki DF 250 HP + 23.300 € KURO Edition
  • Suzuki DF 300 HP + 23.200 €
  • Suzuki DF 300 HP + 30.500 € DUAL Propeller


Throttle control, electric gauge and installation included

For the CX cruiser, we recommend the Suzuki DF 250 HP KURO edition engine. Paired with the right propeller, this engine delivers an exhilarating experience on the water. It accelerates beautifully and reaches high RPMs effortlessly.

Upon request, we also install Mercury, Honda, and Yamaha engines. We can advise on the appropriate power and select the right propeller based on your intended use and desired boat performance. Each engine is unique, so please avoid direct power comparisons.

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