Our marine redefines luxury, making it the standard. We strive for perfection in every detail, exceeding all expectations and delivering unparalleled experiences on the water.


AX allrounder

The AX Allrounder introduces a groundbreaking concept in open boating, combining elegance, minimalism, and versatility.

Its expansive open layout sets it apart from other boats of similar or even greater length.

Designed to accommodate up to 8 passengers

It boasts a beautifully integrated sunbed and dual bimini tops, ensuring complete sun protection and an exceptional on-water experience.


BX bowrider

The BX bowrider epitomizes a fusion of sporty elegance and functionality, ensuring unparalleled comfort and safety on the water.

It sleek, aerodynamic design effortlessly commands attention, establishing a new benchmark in maritime aesthetics.

Ideal for up to 6 passengers

Crafted for those embracing a sporty lifestyle, this boat promises enjoyment without compromise, featuring a daring and aggressive style perfect for indulging in exhilarating nautical sports adventures.


CX cruiser

The CX Cruiser stands as a meticulously crafted jewel, from its deck layout to the choice of materials.

This vessel seamlessly blends style and functionality, ensuring it always stands out with exceptional uniqueness on the open sea. Designed to offer maximum comfort, luxury, and performance, it caters to those seeking extraordinary experiences at sea.

Accommodating up to 10 passengers

It is perfect for sharing unforgettable moments with family and friends, whether on day trips or extended voyages. Setting a new standard, it includes air conditioning as a standard feature, a rarity in vessels of this size, ensuring unparalleled comfort in all conditions.


HX helmsman

The HX helmsman is an exceptional boat with a wheelhouse, perfect for those who value spaciousness, comfort, and traveling with a larger group of friends or family.

This boat ensures unforgettable experiences during long trips or sea expeditions.

Designed to comfortably host up to 8 guests

Its expansive cabin is meticulously designed for relaxation and overnight stays, offering unparalleled exclusivity and comfort. Whether you're cruising or exploring, it sets a new standard for maritime luxury with its versatile design and thoughtful amenities.


SX sportster

SX Sportster is a water predator, designed for thrill-seekers hungry for adrenaline.

Dive into unparalleled aquatic adventures with this boat model as your ultimate companion!

Ensuring comfort for 8 passengers.

Outside, a beast; inside, indulge in sensory bliss in a spacious cabin with a luxurious bedroom. This combination of adrenaline-pumping power with unmatched comfort and luxury sets a new standard in seeking aquatic experiences.


LX lifestyle

LX Lifestyle embodies the refined fusion of a yacht with a cabin and integrated bow lounging areas. This exceptionally luxurious yacht exceeds all expectations with effortless glide.

Thanks to renowned designer Tomasz Rosiński - Rostyle Marine.

Designed for the ultimate comfort of 8 individuals

It features spacious interiors including two bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, and a luxurious bathroom with shower, ensuring indulgent relaxation despite the reduced bow deck space.


VX voyager

Experience the VX Voyager, our flagship model designed for the discerning mariner. This yacht, with its dual engines and expansive size, elevates sea travel to a realm of unmatched elegance and exhilarating power.

The VX Voyager is your floating sanctuary ensuring privacy and tranquility for all aboard. The front sundeck and twin aft sun pads invite you to bask in the sun’s warmth while drifting on the waves.

Accommodates 12 guests with three cozy beds.

Effortless entertainment awaits aboard the VX Voyager with a fully-equipped kitchen perfect for gourmet or casual seaside dining. Finely crafted to the last detail, this yacht isn't just a boat; it's a lifestyle for those seeking luxury and excitement. Dive into your marine adventure, where elegance meets exhilaration, creating memories to last a lifetime.


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