As a global distributor of boats, yachts, and marine equipment, we live by the philosophy that

"A Promise is Worth More Than Money."

Integrity is at the heart of everything we do, guiding our commitment to quality and trust in all our partnerships.


For seamless boat rentals in Mallorca, Bestboats Yachtcharter is our trusted partner. Specializing in a wide range of boats from license-free options to luxurious yachts, they cater to every need. With flexible rental periods, including half-day charters, they ensure a tailored experience for your perfect holiday. Explore their offerings and find the ideal boat for your next adventure with ease.

At the heart of our fleet lies the Suzuki Outboard Motor, embodying our commitment to delivering unmatched excitement and satisfaction. Renowned for innovative, industry-leading technologies, Suzuki ensures a superior marine experience from development and manufacturing to sales and after-sales service. Choose Suzuki for an "Ultimate" marine adventure and discover why it is esteemed globally as "THE ULTIMATE OUTBOARD MOTOR" brand.

Whether for work or play, sport or adventure, Mercury outboards are engineered to remove any barriers to your aquatic pursuits. With unmatched reliability, refined performance, and innovative features, Mercury outboards provide the confidence you need to embrace your passion for the water.

Since 1959, Yamaha outboards have gained global popularity for their exceptional performance in recreational, commercial fishing, and transport boats. Designed to withstand harsh conditions and extreme environments, Yamaha engines are renowned for their durability and reliability. Through advanced technologies and years of innovation, Yamaha continues to set the standard, earning its reputation for excellence.

Since 1964, Honda has led the industry with pioneering four-stroke outboard engines, prioritizing environmental responsibility and superior performance. Trusted worldwide for reliability and quality, Honda outboards enhance both recreational and professional water activities, from fishing and cruising to tourism and coast guard operations.

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